I Saved My $$ for This Album

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I Saved My $$ for This Album

It was 1978 - songs from Boston's first album had been playing on the radio for about two years and I still didn't have my own copy.  I was done with the Columbia House Record club (see previous post) by then and also had no allowance and no consistent source of income.

At the time, the album was on sale at a local-chain department store for $4.95 (+ tax).  I don't really remember how, but I managed to save/scrounge enough to cover the cost of the album (+ tax).  I remember walking from our house to the store - about 3/4 mile one-way to pick up the album.  I was quite excited - it took a long time to scrounge up that kind of money.  On the walk to the store I saw a quarter in the road, and of course picked it up and put it in my pocket.

When I got to the store and the clerk rang me up, it was apparent I had miscalculated the (+ tax) portion of my purchase that day, and absolutely needed the 25-cent piece I had found lying in the road.  To whoever lost that quarter - I am eternally grateful!!

I've had that album now for 43 years.  Unfortunately in the 1990's when my wife and I were living in an apartment in Carrollton, Texas, the exterminators came through and sprayed chemicals on almost all my records - you can see in the picture the damage from pulling the album covers apart.

The vinyl is still in good shape even from having been spun hundreds of times.

What was your favorite experience from scrounging/saving $$ for a record?


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