Looking for Don't Look Back

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Looking for Don't Look Back

This album came out 44 years ago today. My friends and I piled into my car (parents' station wagon) and drove around to multiple Salt Lake area record stores in search of an LP copy of the album.

We eventually ended up at Tape Head Company on State Street, and while they didn't have it on vinyl, they did have one 8-Track copy left in the store. Tape Head was a head shop, but was also a great record store and car stereo distributor.  They managed to stay in business well into the 1980's.

I bought the 8-track, and we drove around for the next several hours listening to the tape in my car over and over again.

Unfortunately, the tape was stolen out of the car I had (AMC Gremlin) in the summer of 1980, but by then I had the record on vinyl.

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