Transistor Radios and Cool DJs!!

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Transistor Radios and Cool DJs!!

AM radio was king in the 1970s.  In the early part of that decade, my parents bough a small transistor radio for my brother and me - probably a Christmas present - I'm not certain. 

We fought constantly (not just about the radio) and one of the only things we could agree on was which radio station we would listen to at night - KCPX 1320 AM!!

"Skinny" Johnny Mitchell was the DJ in the 6-10 PM slot and for me and my friends (and my brother) he was THE celebrity in Salt Lake City.  Sure, we had Fireman Frank and the Utah Stars, but "Skinny" and the rest of the DJs on KCPX radio were the coolest.

When I was in (I think) the ninth grade, "Skinny" came and DJ'd one of our school dances.  Most of us didn't dance.  Really, we were too scared to ask a girl to dance, so we just stood there watching "Skinny" spin 45's and say all the cool stuff he said on the radio every single weeknight.

"Skinny" had a "hit" on the radio at the time.  He had created a couple of mock interview sketches interlaced with snippets of songs to articulate some critical current events - the 1976 presidential election campaign and the popular antic of "streaking."  They were funny - especially to teenage boys. I still think they're funny!!  He had a stack of autographed 45s of these radio "hits" to give out as prizes during the dance and I ended up walking away with one. I'm not sure how I "earned" the prize but I got it - and still have it!!

As you can see from the photo, in the 40+ years I've had the record it has seen some wear - it's actually cracked in half.  A while back I was able to repair it enough to get a digital copy of the sketches.

What's your favorite nostalgic vinyl memory?

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